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Looking For an Alternative to CPAP?
Your First Step is a MATRxâ„¢ Test

MATRx is the only clinically proven method to determine if you can be successfully treated with oral appliance therapy, an alternative OSA treatment that can be very effective.

MATRx Benefits for You

  • In a single night, know if an oral appliance will treat your OSA
  • Your appliance can be fit in less time and with fewer side effects
  • Eliminate the expense for an appliance that doesn't work
  • Start feeling better, sooner

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How does MATRx work?

MATRx is an overnight test you have in a sleep lab. During the MATRx test, customized dental trays will be placed in your mouth. These trays will be attached to a small, remote-controlled device that will be used by a sleep technician to gently and gradually move your lower jaw, while you sleep. The MATRx test results tell your sleep doctor and dentist if an oral appliance is right for you AND more importantly it will tell the sleep dentist the exact jaw position needed to effectively treat your sleep apnea. No guessing; it's simple and it works.

How do oral appliances work to treat OSA?

The appliance holds your lower jaw forward while you sleep which opens your airway and prevents apnea. The most effective type of oral appliance for treating OSA is a custom-fit appliance called a mandibular repositioning appliance (MRA). The sleep dentist adjusts the MRA, moving your lower jaw forward until your apnea is treated. The historical problem has been finding the right jaw position; it could take weeks or months and then the therapy still might not work.

With MATRx, the sleep dentist will receive a prescription from the sleep doctor for the exact jaw position needed to treat your OSA, resulting in effective treatment within days.

Appliances that are not custom-fit or adjustable (e.g. boil and bite appliances) do not work as well as MRAs and therefore are not recommended for the treatment of OSA.

Can I do the MATRx study at home?

No, you will be scheduled for an overnight polysomnogram (sleep study) at your local sleep lab.

How many study nights are needed?

Usually only one night.

What will I find out after my MATRx study?

A sleep doctor will evaluate the results of your MATRx study. If your study was a success, the sleep doctor will refer you to a sleep dentist with a prescription for an oral appliance, including the settings for effective therapy. The sleep dentist will contact you to make arrangements for oral appliance fitting and training. Your primary care physician will receive a copy of your sleep study results.


If I'm on CPAP, should I bring my CPAP with me on the night of my MATRx study?

No, you will not need your CPAP machine. 
It is also recommended that you discontinue your CPAP use for two nights before your MATRx test (please check with your doctor).

Can my family doctor or dentist refer me for a MATRx study?

Yes, either can refer you to a sleep lab (sleep doctor) that performs MATRx testing.

Are the titration trays comfortable to sleep with?

Yes. The dental healthcare professional that fits your trays will make sure they work properly and are comfortable to wear for an entire night of testing.